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Do you want to help Save the Earth? We at FunTAZM are committed to our use of the Earth's resources. While some decisions to reduce and reuse are not as easy to carry on business, we prefer to care for our earth.

The purpose of this page is to provide you with some tips about saving the earth, find and link to cool websites that help our environment, and even inspire you with articles.

It's true that a lot of material items create jobs and business etc. BUT I'm sure humans can adapt to create different jobs and better businesses that are more earth friendly!

Here are some ideas for Saving the Earth... with a little effort from everyone, we can make a big difference! (Think back to 15 years ago when recycling was a new concept and no one thought it would make a difference to start in their own home!)

AND as you probably already know, it is better to REDUCE and REUSE than to RECYCLE since recycling also takes energy and uses resources. Still, better to RECYCLE than not, but even better to REUSE, and much, MUCH better... best, really, to REDUCE.

And while we are talking about Saving the Earth, FunTAZM strongly supports The Cove and Sharkwater, bringing information to the world about the inhumane treatment of our marine life.

Please take the time to watch these two documentaries and make yourself informed:

The Cove

This documentary is about the dolphins being hunted and sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars so that you can watch them at places like Seaworld. The ones that aren't chosen are not released - they are brutally slaughtered. The fishermen claim they are selling the dolphin meat, but dolphin flesh is so full of mercury you should not be eating it anyway!
Stop the inhuman treatment of these highly intelligent creatures. Save the dolphins!


Whatever you feel about sharks should not matter when it comes to humane treatment. It is not right to slice off ALL of their fins and let them sink to the ocean floor, still alive. Fishermen only take their fins (while they are still alive) and then throw them overboard, leaving them motionless to sink to the ocean floor. This is not right. We do not need shark fins that badly, even for supplements. Let's create alternatives to this brutal treatment. And please don't support restaurants who serve Shark Fin.

Short List of Easy Reduce Tips

  1. Don't buy products with too much packaging.
  2. Buy food items from the bulk bins whenever you can.
  3. Make a list when you shop and stick to it. Don't buy things you don't really need - It will also save you money.
  4. Reduce carbon dioxide emissions by car pooling or riding the bus. It may require more effort, but isn't it worth it?
  5. Turn your TV off and hire live entertainment!
  6. Save power and turn the lights off when you are not in a room.
  7. Turn off your computer printer until you need it.
  8. Don't let your car idle. Did you know that you will use less gas to restart it if you are going to let it idle for longer than 10 seconds?
  9. Put the plug in the sink when you start making supper and collect all the water you use to rinse items off. Add hot water and soap and it's ready for washing dishes while supper is cooking!
  10. Do you really need to drive to the corner store? Walk - call a neighbour to walk with you!
  11. Use old clothing rags instead of paper towels to wipe up a spill. Cut the old clothing into smaller squares.
  12. If you are going to use paper towels, rip it in half... and then in half again. Unless you're eating something really messy, you don't really need that much napkin... do you?
  13. Do you REALLY need the latest in technology? Let go of keeping up with the Jone's and keep using your computer or cellular phone until it doesn't suit your application needs anymore.
  14. If you are going to throw something out, CONDENSE IT! Make your garbage as compact as possible.
  15. On that same note, when you go out to eat and have leftover from your meal, request some tin foil to take it home in instead of styrofoam. The foil can be reused, OR, condensed to be a much smaller piece of garbage.
  16. Use less toilet paper. Do you really need 11 sheets per wipe for your privates?
  17. Use email more and fax machines less. Even though FunTAZM has a land line for fax, we do not fax with our clients.
  18. Put a note on your mailbox that says 'no flyers or unaddressed mail please'.
  19. Read the news on-line instead of home delivery.
  20. Have a pail of clean water to rinse your dishes in after washing them instead of turning the water on to rinse each item.
  21. Save up to buy a hybrid vehicle. Yes, there are a few more limitations, but this technology will only improve when the market for it is bigger.

Short List of Easy ReUse Tips

  1. Reuse the plastic bag around your toilet paper in the garbage can!
  2. Instead of throwing out old clothing, make a rag bag. When you need to clean a room for moving, or something that is especially dirty, you can use the rags and THEN throw them out.
  3. Wash your glass jars from mayo, pickles, and other food products. Store them until you can put leftover sauce, chili, veggies into them and put them in the deep freeze. (remember not to fill glass jars all the way up; when it freezes, it will expand and crack the glass if it has no extra room)
  4. ReUse your plastic containers at least once. Even if you reuse them ONCE, it is still cutting down on waste! Instead of sealing your serving bowl with plastic wrap, put it in a plastic container with matching (or non-matching-but-still-fits) lid!
  5. Collect the tinsel off your Christmas Tree and put it in a bag for next year.
  6. Let your Christmas tree dry out and use it in the fireplace. Makes GREAT kindling, but be careful - it burns VERY quickly!
  7. Buy canvas bags at the FunTAZMarket for your groceries and cut down on plastic bags.
  8. If you are buying plastic garbage bags, stop. Reuse the bags you get when you make a purchase at a store. Reuse the plastic bags you already have in your garbage (get a smaller garbage container - you will make your garbage more compact that way as well!)
  9. If a product you have purchased comes in a bag, think of what you can put in that bag instead of buying bags or plastic wrap.
  10. Wash your plastic self-sealing bags. Yes, that's right... WASH THEM and REUSE THEM!
  11. When you buy soft taco shells, re use the self-sealing bag for your block of cheese.

Short List of Easy Recycle Tips

  1. Rotary Clubs hold an annual Paint Recyling day. Save your paint cans and donate! (Can also bring them to Sarcan)
  2. For those of you who don't recycle anything yet, start with paper. It is the easiest thing to recycle. Start with a large box from something you just used (we use our empty box from the clean cat litter) and throw all your paper products in there. Then, take the whole box and put it in recycling. Remember that they prefer you to flatten boxes!
  3. Recycle the toilet paper roll when it is empty!
  4. When you're done with matches, recycle the empty matchbook!
  5. Recycle your glass and plastic drink containers. Every little bit helps, and you already paid the money. Get your money back!
  6. Recycle your water whenever you can. When you rinse fruit, vegetables, or anything else under clear water, put a large bowl underneath and then pour the water into your plants or fish tank.
  7. When running water until it gets hot, save that water and do your handwash in it, or pour it into your plants.

Email us with your Save the Earth Tips!

Buy Organic Food

The price difference isn't THAT much, and you won't believe you forgot what lettuce tastes like! Besides, the more people that buy organic, the cheaper it will become. AND cancer medicine is more expensive, not counting the happiness toll it takes. You'd be surprised at how much having a cleaner diet will affect your life in a positive way. Isn't your health worth the few extra coins for organic? The world will have to stop producing so many harmful chemicals if we stop buying them. Power to the people!

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