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Names Used with Permission.

* She has such a positive presence... my kids kept wanting to talk to her! Lovely.

* Dawn was awesome. Would love to have her at another event. – Denise Keeper

* Friendly, charming, entertaining, polite, the most fun I’ve had in a long time.

* So personal! Great personality – Angela Prokopetz

* Very entertaining


* Highly recommend to friends

* Dawn was AMAZING! Great rapport with the kids!

* Excellent with the kids – made the party!

* We loved your humour and we haven’t seen them sit that still for a long time! – Brenda Jamieson

* Dawn is FANTASTIC!! Very passionate about what she does! Friendly & lovely. A Great Mother’s Day! – Karen Wiome

* Awesome! Friendly, great with adults and children.

* Great Attitude

* Very good with the kids. Very aware of kids behaviour and what works best for them. Quick process. – Amanda Langford

* You are awesome! So worth booking. Thanks for your kindness! - Melissa Olver

* Dawn was super friendly and funny. Even the adults got a laugh! - Nicole Eckert

* Amazing, energetic, super-friendly & fun!! So perfect for adding a POP of fun to any party!!!! – Cheryl Spencer

* She was AWESOME!! – Kyhu Princess

* Took the time to make my kids balloon art even though were were not having a BD party. Thank you!

* An awesome surprise for this party. The girls loved it – Dayna Dziurzynski

* Kids loved the Balloons! Many choices and everything was done very fast.

* Dawn is amazing, creative, and funny. Thank you for everything. – Michelle Banman

* Very entertaining!

* Very spectacular and entertaining for all ages. More than just air! Awesome for all ages!

* Loved her! Great addition to my 5 yr old nephew’s birthday party. Happy & bubble, excellent at her job. Wonderful!

* Always Entertaining!

* Great job!

* What a great addition to the party!

* Awesome job!

* AWESOME!! – Fausto Rodriguez

* Talented, Age appropriate, Patient - Gerri Grad

* Great with the kids!!!

* Thank you so much for including our kids in the fun. So kind! We appreciate it. Hope to see you soon!!

* Very Very awesome party addition! Would love to have a variety of party’s through Funtazm!! – Jenn Ortman

* Absolutely wonderful, was the hit of the party! - Christina Numrich

* We had a lot of fun that night but by far your skit made the evening. My brother was absolutely speechless at how much you knew. The rest of us were absolutely impressed at how well you not only retained the info but also applied it. Simply magnificent you are a very talented lady. Thanks for attending our party.
- Feedback from Cynthia in Saskatchewan

* I just wanted to get back to you and tell you how please we were with the feedback of your performance. We spoke with Joel yesterday afternoon and after vowing revenge on us he told us that it was a great and funny experience. Everyone there that observed it really enjoyed it. I was surprised to hear that you were there for 15 minutes. I was expecting a short song and you'd be out of there. It was definitely worth the cost. Keep up the good work. You brought enjoyment to everyone's day.
- Feedback from Tom Smith
Policy Advisor, Senate of Canada

* Nerdy Girl's larger than life animated delivery and attention to details from the questionnaire had everyone off their guards and in stitches.. Including the 39 (again) year old birthday girl, the stern faced husband, grandma, and even the dogs! A riotous success we'll be talking about for years.
- Testimonial from Ryan Osman

* I just wanted to say thank you so much again for the singing telegram!! Everyone was so blown away by what you was perfection!!
- Feedback from Salema Forrest

* The residents of Victoria Park Care Home had a really great time at this years Christmas Party, and and that was due as well to the great entertainment. I look forward to seeing you in the new year to perform for us again!
- Testimonial from Don Bateman, Activity Coordinator

* To enjoy the finer things in life, I highly recommend FunTAZM for any occasion.
- Feedback from Carol Tulik, Fort Qu'appelle

* Thank you so much for your birthday greeting to Russ. There were so many great comments after you left. You did a wonderful job. Thanks again.
- Feedback from Pam, Regina, SK

* I want to once again tell you what a fantastic job we all thought you did on Sunday. Your memory for facts (especially those not particularly relevant to you personally) was astounding and you certainly made our party. People were constantly talking about you and wanted your name and company so expect some more business! Thank you again! You were absolutely excellent!
- Feedback from Kim McGregor, Regina, SK

* Just thought I would Thank You very much for yesterday. It was wonderful.... You did a fantastic job. Have a Great Day. Thanks Again
- Feedback from Debby, Regina, SK

* Hi Dawn! I just wanted to thank you and geeky girl for the great job on the telegram, it was better than expected. She did a great job and left everyone smiling and my mom in tears from laughing so hard. Thanks again for the amazing job!

- Christy Rhodes
Saskatoon, SK

* Hi Dawn, Sorry this is so late but my brother didn’t get back to me about the singing gram till now. Heard you did a fantastic job and I want to thank you. They also said you have a fantastic singing voice. Good luck on your new CD. I’d love to hear it and I will remember the title.
Thanks again

- Ingrid Green
Calgary, AB

* Hi there , you did a party for my mom's retirement and 65th birthday party. Thank you for what you did. I watched the tape of the party and you did such a great job that I had to send a thank you. You had everyone in stitches and they all said that you did a great job and also really enjoyed your singing. I again wish to say thank you.

- Brenda Geres
Regina, SK

* THANKS so much Dawn. Your performance in character was hilariously fitting. You took the information that we gave you about my dad and worked it perfectly to add that final touch, definitely making his birthday party one to remember. Not to mention your voice - If one can sound that great doing acapella singing...! Very professional.

- Lori Arnold
Regina, SK

* I wanted to get to work and drop you a note to say you were AMAZING, HILARIOUS, YOUR COSTUME WAYYY TO FUNNY I can’t believe you remembered so much. My sister and I were sooo blown away at how you pretty much said everything that we wrote!! Great Job!! The whole family could not stop talking about how great you were!! We are all recommending you to everyone who is having a function because you are the best!! Oh and then when you started to sing, well you totally blew them all away!!! They just were not expecting it!! You included Dad in there just sooo perfectly as well, you are extremely talented. I truly think that every special occasion should have family, friends, food and of course YOU “DAWN - FunTAZM Entertainment” the entertainment!! You will be a star, cause you have the talent.
Thank you
- Donna A. Kalaman
Regina, SK

* Just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you very very much for your wonderful performance for Aaron at our call center. I have sent your website out to our staff as many wanted to know how they could get you out for some events coming up. You were fantastic, and provided exactly the kind of highlight to the day we were looking for.
Thank you again!
- Brendon Fuchs
Support Tools Administrator
Culligan of Canada

* Thanks Dawn for the awesome job on being the "Bag Lady" yesterday. Your entrance had a number of the guests wondering who exactly you were, including the guest of honor. You worked all the information about Diane in so well into your performance. Your performance made her cry for the third time that day. It was great and I will highly recommend you to others. Thanks for making Diane's day so special!
Best wishes
- Rose Ann Reitmeier
Lumsden, SK

* The members were treated to a toe tappin’ selection of jazz numbers performed by the dynamic lead singer, Dawn Suchoboki. The performance was very professional and exciting, and we would recommend them to anyone looking for top-notch entertainment.
- Steve McLellan
Executive Director, Tourism Regina

* "Dawn's voice wrings out the passion in the Blues, then pours out the sweetness of jazz…an emotive vocal range that will enhance the feel of any song"
- Jeff "Redbeard" Corbett
Radio personality, 91.3 FM CJTR
Regina, SK

* You sound great. You were very good; you have a lot going on. Good to see you.
- Tony Martin, Tony Martin and the Jazz Cafe

* You have a great talent.
-Jim Wright, Pulse, Regina

* You did a wonderful job--- I had many comments about what a lovely voice you have.
Ann Schepens
Regina, SK

* In your capacity as the best musical entertainer in Regina, you certainly deserve the prime spots! I hope to listen to you soon. Also looking forward to your CD. Best regards,
Thomas Hadjistavropoulos, Ph.D., R.Psych.
CIHR Investigator,Professor of Psychology and Director, Centre on Aging and Health
Regina, SK

* 2004 ACE AWARDS “All That Jazz”
Held in the Casino Regina Show Lounge, April 2004

  • The jazz theme and jazz band were awesome. The steady flow of award presentations was amazing given large number of awards presented. Great job!
  • The entertainment was awesome! Jazz d’Alexis was perfect.
  • Band, fast-paced presentations
  • Very entertaining – the awards moved along quickly and the music afterward was great. Too bad they had to kick us out early!
  • Location, pace, band
  • Venue / entertainment / Overall organization
  • The atmosphere. Very classy. Well done!
  • It was glamorous!
  • * Thank you so much for your birthday greeting to Russ. There were so many great comments after you left. You did a wonderful job.
    Thanks again.
    - Pam

    * I want to once again tell you what a fantastic job we all thought you did on Sunday. Your memory for facts (especially those not particularly relevant to you personally) was astounding and you certainly made our party. People were constantly talking about you and wanted your name and company so expect some more business!
    Thank you again! You were absolutely excellent!
    - Kim McGregor
    Regina, SK

    * Just thought I would Thank You very much for yesterday. It was wonderful.... You did a fantastic job. Have a Great Day.
    Thanks Again
    - Debby
    Regina, SK

    Regina, SK

    * Thanx again, Dawn! You did an awesome job! You made me cry with laughter and then you made me cry when you sang to Sheryl! You have a beautiful voice! Take care and you will be highly recommended!!
    - Dena Gaudet
    Regina, SK

    * Thank you so much for coming out here. It was excellent. Everyone had a laugh and enjoyed it. Jodi was so shocked but appreciated it. I will keep you in mind the next b-day I come across!! J Have a good rest of the week!
    Thanks again
    - Erin
    Regina, SK

    What a surprise that was? We laughed at were so GOOD! And all the goods you had on Lorna!!! That started our evening off just perfect as we never stopped laughing after that. Thanks again for the wonderful surprise and your "nerdy" act!
    - Linda Karst-Labbee
    Regina, SK

    * Thank you Dawn - you did a wonderful job today at the Regina Inn. Several tables commented to us and one offered the birthday bumps (men of course). I will definitely keep your company in mind if I need further party favors.
    Thanks again . . .
    - Beverly
    Regina, SK

    * I just wanted to thank you so much for what you did for Betty at the bank, it was absolutely hilarious and I think you’re fantastic. So, I just really wanted to thank you and hopefully I’ll be able to get you again sometime soon.
    - Sue-Ellen White
    Regina, SK

    * I just wanted to say 'thanks' for the wonderful performance you did for Korey's birthday at LaBodega earlier this month. We all had a blast watching Korey's face turn red as this strange, crazy lady came over to our table and seemed to know everything about him. Three days later, he was still laughing and shaking his head about it. You did a great job and I will strongly recommend you to anyone that is looking for something different for an event or birthday.
    Thanks again,
    - Erin Iverson

    * I would just like to say thank-you for coming on Friday night, we really enjoyed your act. I don't think we have laughed that hard in a long time. Chris really liked it and I would definitely have you again.
    Thank you
    - Kayla Hrutka
    Customer Service Representative
    Northgate Mall

    (Sure I don't mind at all if you use my comment, I thank you again for your wonderful performance and the bride is still talking about it!)

    * You all made me laugh - it was a great show. I thought you were all amazing, quick and extremely humorous.
    - Marina
    Royal Bank Customer Service

    * Theatre sports are a fun interactive way to liven up a party. Dawn and the group from Funtazm are very funny and adaptable. The ideas and lines come from your company/ group so the entertainment is personalized. Crowd participation is key; Dawn and her troop are very interactive. Their energy is contagious and really sparks an evening of fun.
    - Crystal
    Royal Bank Customer Service

    * On creating the poster for ‘round midnight…
    However, the shaded painting has the title "When all is said and done, the guys are just props, LADY is the show". This is something I remember Gypsy Rose Lee saying to me in Winnipeg about 1968. It was something that someone had said about Billy Holiday. She continued, "That's the attitude I've always had. And look at me, I'm old and dried up, and I'm still the show." In our correspondence, I caught a glimpse of someone who deserves the A for Attitude ... and the blessing of a long line of jazz divas. That brought the quote to mind, and resulted in the seventh image.
    - C.F. Armistead